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Elin Kling: Style Muse

Chic and Classic.


Please describe your personal style in two sentences or less. 
I guess I would say wearable, androgynous, and strategic. I love simple outfits that have that one piece that just makes it, like a patterned leather bag or really cool heels with a lot of attitude.

How does the city you live in inspire your day-to-day style?
Since I'm based in NYC I am very spoiled with inspiration, which includes everything from art to the buildings to the typical New York girl-she always pulls of this very nonchalant look that has so much confidence.

List some of your favorite current trends and why you appreciate them/how you are wearing them.
Right now I'm very into animal prints; my shoes, my scarf, and my jeans are all animal print. Otherwise, I don't focus that much on trends because I think that it's more about style.

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